Installing LFE

Downloading the Source

The most recent version of LFE is always available here:


With git in your PATH, you can download LFE:

git clone
cd lfe

You have two choices for the type of LFE build you want to do.

Now everything is ready to go!


Stable contains a version of LFE that is known to be fully reliable and used in production for years.

To build the latest stable release, make sure you are on the master branch:

git checkout master


Unstable contains LFE that is under active development, has not been released, or has not had extensive use and testing in production environments.

To build the latest unstable LFE, make sure you are on the develop branch:

git checkout develop

LFE is just a set of Erlang libraries, so like an Erlang project, the source code needs to be compiled to .beam files. Running make in the lfe directory will do that: