Casting SPELs in LFE

A Bold New LFE Take on the Common Lisp Comic Classic

Anyone who has ever learned to program in Lisp will tell you it is very different from any other programming language. It is different in lots of surprising ways -- this comic book will let you find out how Lisp's unique design makes it so powerful!

This tutorial has small bits of Lisp code that are presented as it looks when using the LFE REPL (the "interactive interpreter"). The LFE prompt looks like this:


Code entered in the REPL looks like this:

lfe> (+ 1 1)

Results will come right afterwards, in their own text block, just like you saw in that example just now.

When you copy the code from this book into your own LFE REPL, be sure not to copy the lfe> prompt! Just copy the code :-)

What will you be copying, you ask? A-ha! This is the best part: your own text adventure game!

First, though, we're going to have to cover some basics. But take heart: you'll be coding up some gamey goodness in no time ;-)