For each object in the game, we need to know its name and location:

(defrecord object

Let's create some objects now, improving upon our initial "objects" exploration:

lfe> (set objects
    (list (make-object name 'whiskey-bottle location 'living-room)
          (make-object name 'bucket location 'living-room)
          (make-object name 'frog location 'garden)
          (make-object name 'chain location 'garden)))
(#(object whiskey-bottle living-room)
 #(object bucket living-room)
 #(object frog garden)
 #(object chain garden))

You are probably wondering where that mysterious make-object function came from. When you create a record in LFE, LFE creates several functions dynamically, just for use with your record: their names start with or have as part of their own names, the record name you used. For example, when you created the state and object records, LFE created the make-state and make-object functions (among several others -- more later).