Code of Conduct

The LFE Code of Conduct is the same as the Code of Conduct, adopted from the original below for the LFE Community.


This Code of Conduct is a guideline of how to communicate within the LFE Community in a way we hope is easy to read, help mutual understanding and avoid flames. The LFE Community is by definition all communication in or around LFE use, development, and related discussions, including but not limited to the LFE mailing lists, Slack and Discord discussions, Github PRs and reviews, and even social media.

If you have been pointed to this page after posting a message, the reason is probably that you made some common mistake that we all made at least once. We have been there, do not feel alone, and please keep reading. It will help all of us in the LFE Community.

It is pointless to send a message that only warns about posting style. If you are trying to point someone to correct posting style guidelines, please do so while at least honestly attempting to answer their questions or comments. It is generally unhelpful to give only a warning related to posting style, as newcomers may feel unwelcome, only to leave. And that is exactly what we do not want.

Content Policy

  1. Be nice to each other.
  2. Hateful, hurtful, oppressive, or exclusionary remarks are not tolerated. (Cursing is strongly discouraged, but if you must curse, it may under no circumstances be used to target another user or in a hateful manner).
  3. No SPAM.
  4. The common language spoken in the LFE Community is English. The are various native language communities around the world. Conversely, many members of this list do not speak or write English as a first language. Be understanding of erroneous English, and don't point it out if it doesn't change the meaning or make it ambiguous.
  5. The mailing lists, Github issues, and Github PRs are to discuss LFE, its uses, contributions, and its community. Try to keep discussions in those areas on topic.

Violating the Code

Posters of inappropriate content will be (1) informed, (2) warned if they continue breaking the rules, (3) moderated, and ultimately (4) banned to retain the highly welcoming and friendly nature of the LFE Community. To lift a ban or otherwise contend a regulative measure, please contact